The Elk Complex Menu

Evening Menu

Served from 4pm everyday in The Elk Bistro this menu features the finest local ingredients cooked to perfection for your enjoyment.

Set Menu

The perfect menu for parties of 15-20ppl, this menu features all the favourite dishes from our evening menu with value in mind. Enjoy 3 courses for only £20.

Lunch Menu

Served from 12pm to 4pm everyday in The Elk Bistro this menu features the same quality ingredients cooked for your enjoyment.

Reduced Menu

Served during those busy periods at The Elk Bistro we have a shortened menu that features all our best selling dishes. This menu is available upon request.

Kids Menu

Served from 12pm to 9pm every day in The Elk Bistro our kid’s menu is a balanced and healthy menu that uses only the finest local ingredients. Have a special requirement? Just ask our waiting staff.

Sunday Lunch Menu

From silverside of beef to Mourne leg of lamb, only the finest cuts of meat get roasted every Sunday in The Elk Bistro. Chose from 1 to 3 course of delicious food. Served from 12pm-3pm every Sunday.

Vegetarian Menu

In search of something healthy? Then try our new Vegetarian and Vegan Menu. With an ever-increasing demand for healthy alternatives, we have created this tasty menu.

We can cater any menu your tastes and budget. Get in touch and we can help.